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Heritage Classical Study Center is an accredited independent and private Christian study center, providing a classical and Christian supplement to home-educators at the middle and high school levels. It is the purpose of Heritage to train young people to be learners prepared to succeed at home, at work, and in society, and to live to the glory of God.




At Heritage, we offer a unique educational structure. Requiring strong self-discipline and time management skills are essential. Get better acquainted with our approach.


Come here to learn about being a student at Heritage and about how to apply for admission to our school.


Heritage is fully accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. Graduation from an accredited program makes students eligible for Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship up front in their freshman year of college.


We’ve compiled a wealth of resources to assist our students in the furthering of their education. Equally important is paving the way for college. Let these resources help you.


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"You offer more than knowledge: you teach wisdom, integrity, and a passion for Christ that will lead us to a greater life than we could ever imagine."

Tyra Lamar

"Heritage challenges students to go far beyond what they think they're capable of."

Paul and Suzanne Chambers

"I came to college already knowing how to manage my time, because the very nature of Heritage classes requires good time management."

Abbey Long

"My education at Heritage Classical Study Center gave me an excellent foundation in critical thinking."

Julia Blattner

"Thank you, Heritage staff, for the blessing you have been to our family. We are all better people because of you."

S. McCravy

"Thanks to the writing skills I learned at Heritage, I am currently serving my second semester [in college] as a section editor of Piedmont’s student newspaper."

Erin Gathercoal