Frequently Asked Questions

What are my legal responsibilities if I enroll my child at Heritage?

Under Georgia law, the instructors at Heritage Classical Study Center are tutors. Students are considered home educated. As such, parents are still required to file a declaration of intent to home school and to submit monthly attendance reports to their local school district. Check out Practical Matters for a more comprehensive answer.

Is Heritage accredited?

Yes, Heritage is fully accredited through the Georgia Accrediting Commission. Among other things, this means that Heritage graduates with sufficiently high GPAs are eligible for the HOPE Scholarship from the beginning of their freshman year in college. For more information, visit out our accreditation page.

Can credit for courses taken outside of Heritage be transferred in and included on a Heritage transcript?

Yes. After a student has been enrolled in Heritage for one full academic year, we can transfer accept credits for courses taken prior to enrollment in Heritage, provided you can provide appropriate documentation of those courses.

Can outside courses like math or science that are taken by a student while otherwise enrolled at Heritage be included on a Heritage transcript?

Yes, provided the student tests in each of those courses at least once each quarter (fall, winter, spring) under Heritatge auspices according to our Offsite Credit Transfer procedures. We provide regularly scheduled testing hours for this purpose.

How do I request a transcript?

Please visit our transcripts page to get all the details you need regarding the procurement of a transcript(s).