At Heritage, we seek to provide a superior education, but are we succeeding? Here is what others are saying about us.


More than knowledge

College is hard, and not just because of academics, but because of the extreme hostility to faith often encountered there. The world is truly a war zone in many ways, and I am eternally grateful to Heritage for equipping me for that. I came to college with strong beliefs and Heritage helped me stand my ground. You and Mrs. Pearcey taught me how to systematically defend my faith, to hold everything up to a Biblical standard, and to not be satisfied with what the world calls success. That has shaped the way I study the brain and diseases in grad school and the way I approach the godless state of academia. I’ve joined a Christian fellowship for grad students, and I pray every day that I become a different kind of scientist, one who honors God. I realized now more than ever before that God sent me to Heritage. A school like yours is rare. For those who are willing, you offer more than knowledge: you teach wisdom, integrity, and a passion for Christ that will lead us to a greater life than we could ever imagine.

Tyra Lamar


Excellent Foundation

My education at Heritage Classical Study Center gave me an excellent foundation in critical thinking. The ability to properly communicate with people holding different views from my own has gotten me higher grades in classes than students who do not know how to approach a subject arguing any opinion except that of their own. One of my professors gave me an “A+” grade in his class after beginning his course by saying he had never given an “A+” to a student and did not plan on so doing. His reason for giving me that grade was this: “You write your papers within the guidelines of a seasoned writer. You analyze the text and find underlying meaning in what you read. You present your speeches perfectly by engaging the audience and giving easy to follow examples, and you have argued every opinion whether you agreed with it or not with the utmost respect and accurate supporting information.” This could not have been accomplished with any other form of education than that which I received from Heritage Classical Study Center.

Julia Blattner


Prepared me for college

The many challenges that I faced in my four years at Heritage have prepared me for college the past two years. At Heritage the main goal was never to ‘cram facts’ into our brains but to teach us to think for ourselves, evaluate the situation, make decisions, and use the resources that we were given to the best of our abilities. Perhaps the biggest lesson that I learned from my experience in Heritage was how to study. It was this vital skill and many others, such as time management and self-discipline that have been of greatest value to me in college. Because of the academic rigor of Heritage, the transition to college level classes has not been difficult.

Nathan Brett


prepared me for life

I find myself continually drawing on the knowledge and skills I acquired at Heritage, often in surprising, unexpected ways, as I wade through my college career. I have been rescued from more than a few all-nighters by Heritage, knowing that the reading to be discussed tomorrow is something I have already discussed in the past. I became the resident grammarian, thesaurus, and proofreader in my dormitory last year. I had a professor ask me to lead a review session for his final exam, something with which I was familiar from Heritage, and I astonished my microeconomics professor when I told him I had read Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. The more important ways in which Heritage has equipped me for college may not all be discovered until later in my life; the ways I have already witnessed, however, are numerous and much appreciated.

Graham Schofield


taught me time management

I recently finished my freshman year with a 4.0 grade point average, and an appreciation for my previous education. I came to college already knowing how to manage my time, because the very nature of Heritage classes requires good time management. I also already knew how to articulately communicate my ideas, which was a necessary skill in my discussion-oriented classes. Because of these skills, I was able to make good grades, as well as help my friends learn them as well.

Abbey Long


Safe and Competitive Environment

It has been (falsely) stated that Heritage is a competitive environment. The only competition I found that might characterize Heritage is that competition a student has with himself. For me, that was particularly evident in writing. I have always been strong in grammar and the arts, and when I started High School, that quickly became evident to both Mr. Meents and Mrs. Pearcey, who then skillfully challenged me to best my own record by pushing me as hard as they could. Because Heritage classes are so small, and because they create a schoolhouse effect, our teachers know us, care about us, and teach us as we learn best.
Mr. Meents has created a safe environment in which to nurture the faith of his students, and when they leave, they are better prepared to make a difference on a spiritual level in colleges and universities hostile towards the things of God. Thinking for ourselves is just a consequence of the more important goals of Heritage: to glorify God through academic excellence. Although a goal as students is to learn, a more important goal is to take back universities for the Kingdom of God – and the ability to think is simply a necessary instrument in doing so.

Nalani Jones


strong spiritual principles

We feel very strongly about providing our children with an education that rivals or surpasses other options in not only spiritual training but in academic opportunity as well. [At Heritage] we have seen the spiritual bar we set not only ‘maintained’ but also fulfilled. The instructors at Heritage truly love the students and live godly lives for them to watch. They train them to hold a Christian worldview and to adjust their lives to that. Their goal is to train these students so that their lights can shine in the midst of darkness. As for the academics, we have seen the bar raised! Heritage challenges these students to go far beyond what they think they are capable of. And it enables them to stretch and reach up to that standard of excellence. We have seen our Heritage student learn priceless skills of time management, planning and organization, self-discipline, prioritization, diligence, and resourcefulness.

Paul and Suzanne Chambers


Sought Education, Gained Conviction

It is difficult to put into words how much Heritage Classical Study Center has meant to our family. My sons received a superior educational experience and, most importantly, a strong sense of their life’s purpose. I brought my two young sons to Heritage seeking an education for them and left with two young men who are strong in character and have Godly convictions. Thank you, Heritage staff, for the blessing you have been to our family. We are all better people because of you.

S. McCravy


Learned Superior Study Habits

This semester I am in a history class completely comprised of taking notes from lectures. My only grades come from tests from these notes. In speaking with some of my classmates, they told me how new it was for them to take so many notes. They had never done that in high school. Many of them also didn’t have much experience in essay writing, and thanks to Mr. Meents and Mrs. Pearcey, I know how to take notes, study them, and communicate what I studied in an essay. Thanks to the writing skills I learned at Heritage, I am also currently serving my second semester as a section editor of Piedmont’s student newspaper.

Erin Gathercoal


Received Full College Scholarship

Honestly, I couldn’t thank Reverend Elliott, Mrs. Sandler, Mr. Meents, or Mrs. Pearcey enough. I received a full ride scholarship to Clayton State University because of these amazing teachers. Now that I am in college, I use my Heritage skills all the time. Greek and Latin were so helpful in my Anatomy and Physiology class; my two years of Spanish inspired my minor; my knowledge of history as well as my skills in writing critical essays helped with my honors history course; and my debates gave me a head start in my honors communications class, taught by the president of the university. I am so proud to be an alumna of Heritage Classical Study Center, and I hope these wonderful teachers can continue to enrich the lives of students for years to come.

Tracye Lamar