Our Approach

The Schedule

Heritage employs a unique method when it comes to how we do school. The course of study is built around a once a week, five hour tutorial session with students in which work done at home with the family is reviewed; new ideas, concepts, and facts are developed and explained; and new assignments are given. These tutorials focus on the core concepts needed for mastery of the material being studied, and will include tests to determine the extent of this mastery. In addition, there will be review of written and oral assignments. Courses are offered for nine months – 35 weeks, including finals week. Tutorial hours are from 9am – 2:30pm, with a thirty minute lunch break, although second year foreign language courses add thirty minutes to the class day, as second year foreign language students arrive thirty minutes earlier than first year students. Thus, second year students attend from 8:30 – 2:30.

We currently teach 7th grade through 12th grade at three campuses.

  • On Mondays: we have classes for 7th/8th grade and for high-schoolers in Gwinnett meeting at Brookwood Presbyterian Church in Snellville.
  • On Tuesdays: we have classes for 7th/8th and for high-schoolers in Athens/Watkinsville meeting at Watkinsville First Baptist Church.
  • On Wednesdays: we have classes for 7th/8th and for high-schoolers in Decatur meeting at Clairmont Hills Baptist Church.

This table explains when and where classes occur.

Location Grade Monday Tuesday Wednesdsay
Gwinnett High School
Gwinnett 8/7
Watkinsville High School
Watkinsville 8/7
Decatur High School
Decatur 8/7

Be sure to take a look at the course load that we offer.

The Courses

The Academy encompasses the core humanities section of the school. Subjects included are History, Literature and Composition (including vocabulary and grammar), Critical Thinking (including logic and apologetics), and Classical Languages.

Foreign Language

We offer two years each of Latin and Spanish. Latin is required for HCSC students; Spanish is an elective which may be pursued after Latin had been completed.

These language classes are also open to students who are not taking the core classes at Heritage (you can apply here). The yearly tuition for any of the language classes is $585 for students not enrolled in the core Heritage classes. If your student is a full-time Heritage student, language classes are included.