Course Load

Grade History, Culture & Geography Literature Grammar & Composition Logic & Rhetoric Foreign Languages
8/7 A American History Survey of American Literature Grammar & Composition Intro to Logic New Testament Greek 1/2
8/7 B World Civilizations Survey of World Literature Grammar & Composition Analogies & Informal Logic New Testament Greek 1/2
HS A US History American Literature I Grammar & Composition Debate & Argumentation Latin 1/2 or Spanish1
HS B Western Civilization II British Literature Grammar & Composition Great Speeches Latin 1/2 or Spanish1
HS C Western Civilization 1 World Literature Grammar & Composition Informal Logic Latin 1,2 or Spanish1
HS D US Government and Economics American Literature II Grammar & Composition Intro to Apologetics / Worldview Latin 1,2 or Spanish1
*8/7 denotes grades 7 & 8
**HS denotes high school. The letters represent the rotation cycle.

1High school students are to take two years of Latin prior to taking a modern language.